The old-fashioned European means aren’t available anymore, so they planned the next best thing: herd the hostages into a synagogue, then blow it up.

Call it the Oradour strategy.

Note well this detail:

The Czech Republic’s leading newspaper quoted unidentified sources close to intelligence agencies as saying the captives would have been held in a Prague synagogue while the captors made broad demands that they knew could not be fulfilled.

When those demands — which were not specified by the sources — were not met, the extremists would blow up the building, killing all who were inside, the paper added.

Why issue demands which you know won’t be met?

Because, that way, the useful idiots would have something to blame the Czech government for in the aftermath. They’d be partly to blame for the murder, you see, because they didn’t do enough to address the jihadis’ “grievances.”

That’s why.

Now then, let’s have a scavenger hunt. Find the non sequitur in the Reuters article. Go!