A religious lefty(!) friend(!) told me the other day she thinks Bush was right about the Third Awakening.

I’d say this is as good a sign as any.

Although this might be better. Chart grabbed from the Pew poll summary:


FYI, Pentecostals are the folks who speak in tongues. Quote:

In seven of the 10 countries surveyed, majorities or pluralities of pentecostals say there should be a separation between church and state. But in each of these countries, sizeable minorities of pentecostals say that their government should take special steps to make their country a Christian country. And in three countries, including the U.S., pentecostals who favor separation of church and state are at least slightly outnumbered by pentecostals who say that the government should take special steps to make their nation a Christian country.

There’s a word for this, isn’t there?