There was a poll at dKos a few months ago that asked who people despised more, Bush or Bin Laden.

Osama won. 58-41.

When you read them day in and day out, and you compare the frequency and intensity of their scrutiny of Republicans versus radical Muslims, it’s very clear very quickly who their real enemy is. But when you put the choice to them starkly, like the dKos poll did, they know how to answer. Or rather, they know how they’re supposed to answer.

But maybe that’s changing.

It’s not that they’re calling for censorship — this is, after all, just their version of a boycott, same as the one we called for against Miller for sponsoring that illegal immigration rally last month. It’s not the rhetoric directed at Michelle, either — “unhinged bitch” is pretty mild compared to what she usually gets, especially coming from someone with an Olberdouche avatar.

The point to take away from that thread and the e-mail campaign they’re trying to get going is that, given an informed choice between her and the jihadis trying to get her banned, they’re openly siding with the jihadis.

Is it time to re-run the Kos poll?

Update: It ain’t a coincidence.