In Greek airspace, according to Greek radio via Fox News. Standby.

Update: CNN says it originated in Albania and was headed for Istanbul.

Update: Looking for details, as well as for the first DU thread questioning the timing.

Update: Drudge says the plane has landed in Brindisi, Italy. Which I guess makes it an “old-fashioned” hijacking.

Update: Hijacking may have something to do with a visit from the Pope.

Update: Here’s the first news report. Two coded hijack signals were received from the cockpit.

Update: I wondered if there might be a Pope angle. A Turkish TV station says there is.

Update: Turkish Airlines, 107 passengers. The Times reported this morning how the Pope’s visit was “focusing anger” among Turks.

Update: Turkish TV says there are two hijackers and that they might be ready to surrender.

Update: Reportedly no injuries thus far.

Update: Turkey’s prime minister is at the White House today, so this might be calculated for double embarrassment.

Update: Sounds like this might end well:

Candan Karlitekin, chairman of Turkish Airlines’ board of directors, said nobody had been hurt and the hijackers were apparently not threatening passengers.

“The passengers are not under any threat,” he was quoted as saying by The Associated Press.

“They will surrender, they declared that they will surrender the moment they hijacked the plane.”

Salvatore Sciacchitano, deputy director of the Italian civil aviation authority, also said the hijackers appeared to be “not aggressive” and ready to free the passengers, AFP reports.

Update: The hijackers want to talk to Italian authorities about passing along a message to the Pope for them. Um, I think he already got that message.

Update: How did the hijackers pull this off? Did they claim to have a bomb? According to the pilot, they weren’t armed and the passengers were in no danger.

Update: Fox is talking to a correspondent in Greece who says the hijackers have agreed to give themselves up soon.

Update: Negotiations have begun. The Pope says his trip is still on.

Update: Just across on Fox — the hijackers are in custody. Looks like no one was hurt.

Update: Turkish security officials were quoted earlier as saying this was related to the Pope’s visit. Turns out it was related to the Pope — but not in the way they’d want you to think.

Earlier reports on Tuesday that the hijackers were protesting Pope Benedict XVI’s planned visit to Turkey were apparently incorrect; authorities now say that the hijackers have requested political asylum.

Turkish officials said one of the hijackers, identified as Hasan Ekinci, wrote a letter to the pope in August asking for help in avoiding service in the Turkish army.

“I am a Christian and don’t want to serve a Muslim army,” he wrote, adding that he had been attending church since 1998.