It’s all there — doubts about the official story, sadness that America has squandered its moral advantage, anger that America never had any moral advantage to squander, etc. But most of the fireworks comes from James Lawson, visiting professor of divinity and former aide to Martin Luther King. A sampler:

My contention in the middle of the struggle in the 60s in reflection and prayer and as an active pastor preaching every Sunday almost to hundreds of folk in congregation and I came to the conclusion that the United States was the number one enemy of justice and peace in the world because it was the number one enemy of the 20 million black folk in the united states…

We have denied, for example, the genocide against Native Americans. We have denied domestic violence as being a serious disorder in our midst. We have denied the spiritual and moral effects on our character, like slavery and racism. And I suggest, that as a consequence, there is in the United States a kind of pathological character spirituality, if you would, that does not allow us to accept the human race or to accept the world as it is…

So I guess the final thing I want to say is that 9/11 makes more clear to me than ever before that there is an enemy of the human race that we do not see, and that enemy is violence itself—the preoccupation that problems are solved by violence and the pouring of our human resources into how we can make our violence more technologically proficient. That, itself, is both the cause of 9/11 and it seems to me the cause of our present dilemma… I don’t think that the enemies on the outside are our danger. I think our unwillingness to look at ourselves as a people and to examine ways in which we have lost opportunities putting into common history, new energy, new possibility, we, ourselves, are our own worst enemy.

He works Katrina and global warming into it, too. Of course.

Transcript and video highlights are all available at Young America’s Foundation. The group’s spokesman, Jason Mattera, has a summary of the “best” parts out today in Human Events as well. Click the image of your moral and intellectual superiors for more.