We’ve got one more day of Clinton-bashing before the shelf life on that Wallace interview expires, I think. So here’s video of Dick Morris on Hannity & Colmes last night reading an awful lot into a short quote. I hope he’s right — aside from a new Olberdouche “special comment,” I can’t think of anything more darkly enjoyable than Billary and the media flinging shinola at each other.

Greg Tinti’s got more video from H&C that I think you’ll enjoy. And Richard Miniter has a laundry list of Billy Jeff’s many miserable failures on terrorism in today’s Opinion Journal. Takeaway:

Some 38 days after he was sworn in, al Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center. He did not visit the twin towers that year, even though four days after the attack he was just across the Hudson River in New Jersey, talking about job training. He made no attempt to rally the public against terrorism. His only public speech on the bombing was a few paragraphs inserted into a radio address mostly devoted an economic stimulus package. Those stray paragraphs were limited to reassuring the public and thanking the rescuers, the kinds of things governors say after hurricanes. He did not even vow to bring the bombers to justice. Instead, he turned the first terrorist attack on American soil over to the FBI.

Clinton made one public statement about the ’93 Trade Center bombing? Can that possibly be true?