Can you feel it?

A state commission that authorized placement of the Arizona 9-11 Memorial in Wesley Bolin Plaza will review controversial laser-cut inscriptions “and see if some of them could be removed,” the panel’s chairman said Wednesday.

Former state Sen. Tom Smith, chairman of the Legislative Governmental Mall Commission, also said the commission hadn’t made it a practice to review the wording of any memorials. “We sure as heck will do it in the future,” he told The Associated Press in an interview…

“The Capital Mall Commission is responsible for the placement of the memorials that go into Wesley Bolin Plaza. Therefore I think we have not only the responsibility but we have the authority to make any changes if something’s happened that’s inappropriate.”…
Smith said Wednesday it never occurred to him during the February meeting to check on details of the inscriptions’ wording.

“We never thought anything would be inappropriate,” he said. “It didn’t sound like there would be anything controversial.”

Smith also said he didn’t think his commission was misled. “No, I think we could have been naive.”

These morons commissioned a monument to September 11th and never thought to check what would actually be on it?

They’re meeting next month to talk things over. Napolitano insists she never saw the wording and that all questions should be directed to the commission. In any case, she’s bulletproof.

No matter.


Update: The ‘Hawk offers some alternatives.

Update: A reader sends along this handy clip of video taken at the memorial. It claims to show all 54 inscriptions. If you saw our photo post, you’ve seen them all.

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