Moronic, yet hilarious. The “bad breath” one had me in stitches.

Righties continue the pushback today against Larry Sabato and his N-word allegations, the lowlight being John Miller’s feeble tu quoque at NRO and the highlight being See-Dubya outing himself as a redneck so cartoonish he’d be rejected as too broad for a role on the Dukes of Hazzard:

My first car was a red ’77 Chevy pickup. I had a revolver under the seat, a Bible in the glove box, and three country stations preset on the radio. I played sports and hunted deer. I showed up at my out-of-state college in cowboy boots, with a twangy accent and a seriously conservative weltanschauung.

He’d also be rejected for using the word “weltanschauung.”

Anyway, it’s a test of credibility now. Sabato’s obviously willing to risk his own considerable reputation on these accusations and take what political fire comes his way. He must have good reason to believe his sources. In all candor, between him and Allen, I know who I’m inclined to believe. And it ain’t the senator.

Update: Hey, here’s a good question. If it’s okay for the Olberdouche to refer to Chris Wallace as a monkey, why is not okay for George Allen to refer to someone as a “macaca,” which is based on the word “macaque,” which is a type of, um, monkey?

Update: Not even the Olberdouche deserves this.

Look for him to connect the incident to the “climate of intimidation” fostered by the Bushitler in his next special comment.

Update: Not hugely damning if true, but one of the Freepers says he knows for a fact that S.R. Sidarth, the Webb staffer whom Allen infamously called a “macaca,” is a student of Larry Sabato’s at UVA.

Update: Captain Ed is skeptical about the deer-hunting incident Allen’s chief accuser, Dr. Ken Shelton, told Salon about on Sunday. A second teammate named George Beam has come forward today to say that the third member of that hunting expedition (who’s since died) told him about the trip, although he mentioned no racial incidents associated with it. Beam also says he never heard Allen use any racial slurs, but added that Shelton’s integrity is “irreproachable.”