Maybe, and with good reason if so. Go read Spook 86, who’s had select quotes from the NIE provided to him by his contacts in the intel community. Odd that “Threats to the U.S. are intrinsically linked to U.S. success or failure in Iraq” didn’t make it into the New York Times’s article. Or into Howard Dean’s statement, which expresses an admirable ardor in wanting to fight Fox News reporters but not so much jihadis in the Sunni triangle.

The boss thinks they should go ahead and declassify. What happens the next time there’s a leak, though, and they don’t follow suit? Won’t that be read as a sign that the classified info is, in its totality, just as dire as the leak might indicate?

Update: Bush told the press corps at his appearance with Karzai that Negroponte will declassify the key judgments of the NIE. Greg Tinti has video.

Update: Keep your eye on the DNI website. The Corner says the declassified portions of the memo will be posted there later today.