He’s looking for love, and by “love” I of course mean three more wives:

Although already married with three children and reportedly living off £700 a month in state benefits, the 31-year-old is seeking more wives, with the intention of fathering more than nine children.

On the site MuslimIntro.com, Brooks — using his Muslim name Abu Izzadeen — describes himself as the “life of thee party” and admits to watching “a lot” of Al-Jazeera TV, the satellite network which has broadcast video messages from Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda.

He says he is looking for a “second, third or fourth wife” and does not care about their ages as long as they are older than 16 and younger than 40…

He says the “best aspect” of his personality is that he is “very funny loving [sic] and humble towards the believers inshallah [if Allah wills it]”.

Tragic yet true sidenote: the guy who runs Moonbat Media e-mailed me last week with a link to Izzadeen’s profile at MuslimIntro. I took one look at it and clicked away, positive that this guy–


–could not possibly be using an Internet dating/marriage service.

And now his profile’s gone.

Always screencap. Always screencap. Always screencap.

Even funnier than the idea of Izzadeen on the make is this pathetic debate on the BBC editors’ site about whether it was appropriate for the network to interview him after he heckled John Reid. Never mind that he was at the center of a major news story. There were more important considerations at stake.

There is a powerful argument to be made that presenting the most extreme voices on air actually damages the process of integrating the Muslim community into the fight against terrorism. The BBC has a duty to balance voices, and to present a representative range of views from within communities. A number of listeners were quick to remind us on e-mail of the damage we were risking:

“He is a nobody. Don’t give air to these people: it doesn’t help our perception of muslims, it can only be damaging.”

But others disagreed: “The young man you spoke to was understandably very angry – he made a lot of points which I think we should be listening to…”

These, apparently, are the components of “news value” in Britain. Meanwhile, did you know they’re building a mega-mosque in east London? It’ll be the biggest in Europe when it’s done, capable of seating 70,000 people. It even has its own special name:

It will be called the London Markaz and it is intended to be a significant Islamic landmark whose prominence and stature will be enhanced by its proximity to the Olympic site.

I sure hope this significant landmark doesn’t become a rallying point for jihadist irredentist movements the way other significant landmarks have. But then, what are the odds of that?

I’ll leave you to guess which country is expected to provide “much of the funding” for this project. Here’s a hint: it’s not the UK.

Update: Who’s the hottest date in town? Nasrallah!

Update: Genius.

Update: Drinking from Home took screencaps of Izzadeen’s personals ad last week.