Whereas I call it hot. Bethany-level hot. So hot I’m almost willing to forgive Tricky Dick his complete douchebaggery in sitting silent for three years while Plamegate spun out of control.


Musharraf’s book is out today and the Times of London has excerpts. Here’s a selection from the passage about 9/11 that made me laugh:

My decision was based on the wellbeing of my people and the best interests of my country — Pakistan always comes first. I war-gamed the United States as an adversary. There would be a violent and angry reaction if we didn’t support the United States. Thus the question was: if we do not join them, can we confront them and withstand the onslaught? The answer was no, we could not, on three counts.

Heh. I would have liked to have seen that “wargame.”

Anyway, the Armitage thing’s just a lure to get you watch the clip. The real meat here is Steve Kroft grilling the hell out of him with questions about the A.Q. Khan nuclear scandal — particularly with regards to how 18 tons of material made its way to Libya and Iran without anyone in the Pakistani military knowing about it. Priceless.

More from the book: Musharraf claims that, contrary to U.S. law, the CIA has paid Pakistan a bounty of several million dollars in exchange for 369 AQ operatives. The CIA won’t comment.

Meanwhile, since I mentioned Plamegate, journey along with Baseball Crank as he retraces left-wing hatchet hack Josh “I question the timing” Marshall’s steps in a three-year-long wild goose chase. Schmuck.

Update: “[A]ccording to the Pakistani media, Mahmoud Ahmed spoke to Musharraf on phone from the Pakistan Embassy in Washington after his meeting with Armitage the message he broadly conveyed in Urdu was ‘wo hamari eent se eent baja dey gain’. Roughly translated, it means, they will take us apart brick by brick.”