This was the first time I’ve had to poke around inside the video clip for more than a few seconds to find a good screencap of the boss. The subject was, after all, Billy Jeff, so her expression for most of the segment was like this:


Which happened to be exactly the same expression most American conservatives had while watching that interview yesterday.

She pulled it together, though, and knifed him with a smile.

No discussion of Monday night political football would be complete without a mention of the lovely KP. I’ve got a special Powers-related treat in the tank but it’s so good I’m going to save it for a separate post tomorrow. In the meantime, here she is giving Bill O her patented 200-watt “you’re so funny!” shinola-eating grin. I don’t know whether to goof on her or be jealous of him.


This makes me laugh too. I caught it during a two-second cut from Michelle to a split-screen.


Look at that coquettish head tilt. Masterful.