Among others, of course; these are just the first three that came to mind. And according to this WaPo article, one of the ones he names hasn’t actually been used in years.

I’m being coy. Watch the clip.

Frist declined comment yesterday on this subject for reasons I don’t quite fathom:

Asked repeatedly on ABC’s “This Week” what the legislation would allow, Frist said, “I’m not going to comment on individual techniques,” and he condemned doing so.

“No responsible person is going to come in and basically say, ‘These are the 10 techniques we use and these are the 10 that are not used,’ ” said Frist, who is sometimes mentioned as a McCain rival for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. “It helps the terrorists.”

Note what McCain says, though, about Bush having to publish a list of the procedures he wants to use in the Federal Register. Why try to keep it on the downlow when the info’s guaranteed to come out?

Since Bush would veto any Congressional bill that would alter his list, McCain and co. will need 67 votes in the Senate to get their way. That’s a tall order, although perhaps less tall come November than it is now.