Here you go. Lots of boldface and underlining and boldfaced underlining. I wouldn’t normally link them but Billy Jeff asked for it. Go forth, and let the record be corrected.

I said yesterday I’d be curious to know what Michael Scheuer thought of Clinton’s interview. CBS was curious too so they had him on the “Early Show” this morning, much to fair and impartial newsman Harry Smith’s chagrin. Newsbusters has video. There’s actually nothing much new there; Scheuer’s been ripping Clinton for his ham-fisted attempts to kill Bin Laden for years. Listen to the audio of his interview about it with Fox News on 9/11.

The RNC inexplicably neglected to mention that Bin Laden’s role in the 1998 embassy bombings was included in the grand jury indictment against him obtained by Clinton’s own DOJ. I guess they forgot. But Richard Miniter didn’t.

Update: It’s Johnny Dollar day at Hot Air. He’s got the clip of Chris Wallace on Fox this morning talking about how Clinton threw a tantrum after the interview ended and threatened to fire his staff if they ever put him in this position again.

Update: One more J$ link for the road. Charles says he thought he noticed Clinton slurring his words during the interview. Matt Drudge noticed the same thing and played a clip during his radio show last night of the slurriest part. Listen here. Was Billy Jeff simply tongue-tied with rage? Or did Wallace catch him after a particularly enjoyable lunch?