Salon used one named source and two corroborating anonymous sources. Allen HQ fires back with four named sources who claim not only never to have heard Allen use a racial slur but who dispute the origin of Shelton’s team nickname and the reason Shelton gave for Allen’s matriculation at UVA. Henke’s post lays out the whole point-counterpoint.

It sounds like Salon contacted the two anonymous sources, not vice versa. (Although it’s not entirely clear.) If they had come to Salon with the story it would smack of a coordinated campaign to discredit Allen, but if they didn’t, then what? We’re to believe both sources are so amoral, mendacious, and politically opportunistic that they’d be willing and able to field a phone call from a reporter out of the blue and falsely corroborate a vicious smear? Knowing that if their names leaked out, they’d be the target of political reprisals? Sounds strange to me.

I’m agnostic thus far but Mary K’s skeptical of the Salon article. Go see what you think.

Update: The senator is not happy.

Update: I knew I shouldn’t have blogged this moronic story. Now I’m going to have to update every time a new chapter in the he said/he said contest is written. The latest: Gary Ham, a black teammate of Allen’s at UVA, says he didn’t know him that well but that he never had reason to believe Allen was a racist.