When I met Michelle I was but the learner. Now I am the master.

From last night’s Beltway Boys. The circle is now complete.

Well, not exactly. I don’t know where Nielsen Net Ratings gets their numbers but this has to be based on unique visitors, not hits. The reason we’re up above MM.com, LGF, and Instapundit in that category is because we got two monster Drudge links late last month: one for the Conan O’Brien plane-crash skit at the Emmys, the other for Kyra Phillips making a tinkle with her mike on on CNN. We had 750,000 hits in a single day, of which probably a good 725,000 were uniques who clicked through to watch the vid, never to return again. So there’s the explanation.

The top five libsites for comparison:


That’s a lot of mojo for HuffPo. What’s sadder: the fact that Hot Air’s the only actual blog among the righty top five, and we’re only there because of the Drudge fluke? Or the fact that the two most heavily trafficked lefty blogs also happen to be the two nuttiest? Kirsten Powers told me the other day she’s essentially given up blogging because there’s no demand for moderate left-wing voices. Super.