I’m not allowed to post it. But this should give you a sense of the flavor.


Rusty’s got screencaps and is willing to e-mail the video to anyone who really wants it. Inquire within.

This is worth posting too. Recognize him?


It’s Steven Green, the GI accused of having organized the rape and murder of 14-year-old Abeer al-Janabi in Mahmudiya. Tucker and Menchaca belonged to the same company as the troops implicated in that incident, which naturally led some to connect the two in hopes of laying the blame where it always belongs — at the feet of Americans. Curiously, though, despite the enormous propaganda value, the earlier video of jihadis desecrating Tucker’s and Menchaca’s bodies made no mention of the incident at Mahmudiya. This new clip plays it to the hilt. I guess it takes a few months for the talking points to reach the Sunni triangle.

Believe it or not, there is a scrap of good news (relatively speaking) in this clip. Tucker’s corpse was decapitated in the earlier video, leaving us to wonder if they’d killed him by beheading him. This video proves that they didn’t: his body’s still in one piece at the beginning.

I was pretty mad when I watched them kick Menchaca in the head and tie their bodies to the back of a pick-up, but then I remembered we won’t be waterboarding Khaled Sheikh Mohammed anymore and I felt a lot better. To think how close we came to behaving like this.