It sounds like what everyone initially thought Pajamas was going to be — they’re giving away 100 camcorders so “citizen journalists” around the world can shoot clips, file stories, etc. They’ve also lined up a pair of popular UK bloggers to host their shows:

Tim Montgomerie will present UP FRONT – a fair and opinionated news programme at 8pm every night – all based on the output of that day’s blogs.

VOX POLITIX WITH IAIN DALE will go out at 9pm. Dale will be joined by alternate co-presenters Rena Valeh and Zoe-Ann Phillips as well as two sofa-guests. The show will be a mix of news and discussion with the final half hour devoted to a thirty minute debate on a news topic of the day.

Other programmes on the channel include…
• END OF THE DAY SHOW – Live one hour discussion show each night at 11pm – including a long preview of the following day’s newspapers
• ONE TO ONE – a 30 minute interview designed to restore the idea of serious discussion
• PARTY TALK – with Zoe Ann Phillips – a Monday night show previewing the week in politics
• BROUGHT TO BOOK – Iain Dale talks to guests from the world of political books
• SELL THE IMPOSSIBLE will task a panel of expert politicians and bloggers with the job of devising a strategy to sell controversial policies chosen by visitors to the station’s website.

Four hours a night, Monday through Thursday. To put that in perspective for you, Bryan has upwards of ten years’ experience in TV and radio production and it takes him a full day to write, shoot, and edit a three-minute Vent.

Granted, the Vent is tricked out with green-screen effects and requires lots of post work whereas a de facto cable-access chat show does not. But someone’s got to edit all those clips that are sent in. Someone’s got to write the scripts. I don’t know how many people they’ve got on staff or what kind of money’s backing them, but they’re looking at a herculean effort here.

Lots of luck to them, though, especially with their anti-BBC agenda. It’s high time for an alternative.

The first interview they’ve lined up? Aussie PM John Howard. Nice.