300 bodyguards at Castel Gandolfo plus another 200+ walking the beat at the Vatican, including its catacombs. And those are just the numbers they’re willing to admit to.

It’s rage day in the Middle East. It always is. Jackie Mason and Raoul Felder say it might be time to hold a rage day of our own:

Who decides that they have the right to convert the world into a courtroom, with the rest of the world’s other religions on trial, with the fate of our lives in their hands, with themselves the self-appointed judge, jury and executioner?

How long will it take for humanity to put an end to this kind of helplessness and cowardice in the face of this inhumane behavior? Instead of cowering in fear of losing our lives from the hands of Muslims, we should immediately and firmly advise them that any act of violence against innocent people will be met with a level of aggressive response that will make them realize that acts of terror against innocent people will cause them to pay an unbearable price.

The Pope’s response? He’s invited Muslim ambassadors to the Vatican to meet with him on Monday.

Contrary to some predictions, the only incendiaries used today have been of the rhetorical variety. Lots of banners, screaming, promises to reconquer Rome, etc. Just follow the photos. Charles has already plucked the best one, which I must say, I grudgingly admire for its artistry. If the Pope were a demonic Jew pirate, that’s exactly how he’d look.

Compare these two, though. The first is from Madrid, the second is from Egypt.



The sign in the top photo reads, “God is Charity.” The sign in the bottom one reads, “All of us are ready to die for Prophet Mohammad.”

This one needs no translation:


Mark Steyn and Glenn Reynolds discuss the Pope controversy in PJM’s new “blog week in review” podcast, so check that out if you haven’t yet. And on a related note, George Will devoted his column on Wednesday to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and her arrival in America. The last line says it all.

Update: The leader of a coalition of Pakistani Islamist political parties says the Pope should hang.

Update: A Greek Orthodox church in Gaza has been attacked with explosives. It’s okay, though. They were small ones.

Update: A Muslim man and a Christian woman got into an argument about religion yesterday in Nigeria. He allegedly insulted Jesus; she allegedly responded by insulting Mohammed. Here’s the result.