So says the director of the government press office. It’s not clear if they have actual intel about this or if it’s conjecture based on the fact that the vehicles sometimes operate outside the areas they’re limited to by their licenses. As for the van that was hit last month:

The vehicle’s presence in Gaza in itself constituted a violation of its license terms, and moreover, the jeep was carrying only Palestinians – one with links to Hamas who was not a Reuters employee.

If they thought the van was carrying terrorists, why didn’t they say so at the time?

That’s my first reaction. My second reaction is, who cares about them targeting covert terrorists when they’re unwilling to target terrorists operating right out in the open? This morning Nasrallah crawled out of the hole he’s been hiding in for the past two months and addressed 500,000 people at a “victory” rally in Beirut. The topic? How no army will ever disarm him, whatever the UN might say.


And he’s right. No UN army ever will.