I know MK’s got some fans here now thanks (in part) to her Vent appearances, so I wanted to put out the word. She’s guesting with Kevin on his daily radio show, which airs from 2 to 4 p.m. on 570 WMCA in New York or live over the web right here. (Update: Click “Launch AOL Radio” at the link and it should take you to the program. You might have to disable pop-ups.) They’re broadcasting live from the Values Voter Summit in DC; the boss will speak there over the weekend.

I myself am not a “values voter.”

Update: Correction one: it says on the website that the boss has been invited, but I don’t know if she’ll actually be there. If she won’t, why are they advertising her?

Correction two: the audio link isn’t working for me. It’s taking me to a show about Christian nutrition. Working on getting the right link.

Update: The link should be fixed now.

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