Unfair and “unhelpful,” but as a means of giving the left the barest taste of its own racially demagogic medicine, it’s pure gold.

Clearly some right-winger’s face will have to have minstrel makeup photoshopped onto it in retaliation. But whose? Michael Steele’s the obvious candidate, but he’s condemned the ad. May I suggest Johnny Triangles? His post today about being patronized by white liberals was awfully “uppity,” and if there’s one thing our friends at firedoglake don’t like, it’s brown-skinned people who don’t respect their “betters.”

Seriously, though — great post, Johnny. Very … articulate.

Steele’s up 1 in Maryland, by the way. No cross-burnings yet, thank god, but if his lead opens up any further DUers might have to “get tough.”


Bonus poll update: I thought Bush’s bounce was a bubble, but maybe not. A new LA Times poll taken between Saturday and Tuesday has him at 44%, same as the USA Today/Gallup poll from a few days that I pronounced a fluke. Glad to be wrong.

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