They’ve posted a clip of the scene that has the nutroots leaking into their jammies. Go watch before it’s pulled.

Johnny Dollar’s got video of Michael Scheuer on Heartland with John Kasich tonight. After you’re done at RS, head on over and see what he has to say about culpability for 9/11.

Meanwhile, nutroots all-star John Aravosis has declared “war” on ABC if they have the temerity to defy the left’s ultimatum and run this thing tomorrow. He’s got a graphic of Mohammed Atta in a Disney cap on his frontpage right now. Aravosis also happens to be the guy who declared, the morning after the UK terror plot was busted, that he believed it had been trumped up by Bush and Blair to distract from Ned Lamont’s primary victory.

You’ll have to find his site for yourself, alas. No link to it will ever stain this blog while I’m a part of it.

Update: Deep-thinking lefty Andy Ostroy slams ABC for giving Bush an unbeatable lead-in to his speech Monday night at 9 — even though “Path to 9/11” was scheduled for that time slot weeks ago, before Bush announced when he’d be speaking. Andy helpfully summarizes the entire nutroots ethos in one sentence: “What we do know is this: George W. Bush is terrorizing Americans more than bin Laden ever has.”

Update: If you’re having trouble getting the clips to load at Red State, try here instead.