Students of Prof Michael Tracey, who Karr emailed for four years, recalled him describing a chilling photo sent by the suspect.

A bear being hugged by Karr in the boyhood snap was said to be the same as the one that appeared briefly in JonBenet’s bedroom after her slaying in Boulder, Colorado, on December 26, 1996.

No one in the Ramsey family remembered seeing it before and it apparently vanished before police could seize it as evidence.

What are the odds that someone obsessed with the case, who had studied its details minutely and talked compulsively about it to complete strangers, would purchase a teddy bear similar to the one found in the house and pose with it for a photo? (Update: A “boyhood snap”? See below.)

Pretty good, I’d say.

And what are the odds that local police in California, investigating him five years ago on child-porn charges, would have discovered his obsession with the case and speculated that, perhaps, he might have been involved?

Also probably pretty good.

And the odds that a guy who’s into kiddie sex, harboring a strange fascination with murdered little blonde girls, with not one but two child brides to his record, would prove sufficiently freaky-deaky to his students to make them wet themselves in class?

Fair to strong, I’d imagine.

Armchair diagnosis right here.

Update: Tanya points out in the comments that the photo of Karr with the bear was taken when he was a kid. I completely missed that. Time to dial down the skepticism a bit.