That’s the difference between our side and their side, man. When we’re wrong, we admit it.

…Three months later. After we’ve been threatened with a libel suit.

Here’s the interesting part:

Kline, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, said he was briefed on Haditha by Marine Brig. Gen. John F. Kelly, the legislative assistant to the Marine commandant. At the time of the briefings, the official investigations were not complete, and Kline emphasized that “conclusions have not been reached.”

The Corps recently accused Murtha of lying when he said he’d been briefed by Gen. Hagee prior to making his first comments on the case. Murtha leveled his initial accusation of cold-blooded murder on May 17th; the Marines say Hagee didn’t speak with him until May 24th. One of the purposes of the libel suit, according to Wuterich’s lawyer, is to find out who Murtha’s source was. Did Kline just spill the beans? I googled around and the earliest references I can find to Kline’s remarks are articles in the L.A. Times and the Daily Telegraph dated May 27th. The Telegraph’s passage on Kline refers to a report in the New York Times, but a search on the NYT website for kline+haditha returns only two hits, one of them an article dated May 26th. Which, obviously, fails to prove that Kelly was briefing people before Hagee started to do so on the 24th.

It was a nice try, though.


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