Zombie explains it all to you.

I can honestly say, in my two-plus years of blogging, this was the first time I’ve been inundated with tips on a particular topic faster than I could post them. Amazing.

Will Allah get the Fox News studio invite tomorrow?

Which he’ll instantly and irrevocably turn down?

Stay tuned!

I’m reliably informed that the boss has a media meltdown extravaganza in the works. Keep your eye on her blog. Er, her other blog, I mean.

Update: As promised.

Update: “You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.”

Update: I refuse to believe this is true. Not because the evidence isn’t credible. Just because I can’t quite bring myself to accept that the duplicity might run that deep.

Hajj was a stringer for them since 1993. Could he really have faked them out for 13 years?

Update: Rusty notes:

While I found a fairly large Google trace of Adnan Hajj when I first began to investigate him, there is no Google trace of Issam Kobeisi/Kobeisy before mid July of this year.

Maybe Kobeisi is/was Hajj’s apprentice. Young guy, traveled around with him learning the tricks of the trade with him. Which would explain why they’re always in the same place.

Update: Kate addresses the media:

The vast majority of these questioned images have not been uncovered by “bloggers”. We’re only cataloging and distributing them. The real footwork is being done by our readers – more specifically, the average media consumer.

This is not good news for your industry.

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