More than that, of letting its citizens die. In order to justify continued bombings of Lebanon.

Some people would say this comes dangerously close to a blood libel. Me being one of those people.

Then again, you know what they say about Jews being cunning.

And of course, by “they” I mean “Mel Gibson.”

Trancript at Powerline. Meanwhile, Ace wonders which “military analysts” Ricks has been talking to — then answers his own question.

Update: Maybe the military analysts were Venezuelan.

Update: Why is Ricks’s moral equivalence so outrageous? Let Richard Engle, also appearing on Reliable Sources, explain:

[Hezbollah has] not tried to stop us filming other events while we’re in the field, but they have, on several occasions, threatened reporters here in Tyre, south Lebanon. From the location where we’re standing right now, we’ve been able to see, today and on other days, outgoing Katyusha rockets. And on more than one occasion people from Hezbollah have come and said, “Do not film the locations of these rockets when they’re being launched.”

At one time, when we were talking and having a conversation with this Hezbollah representative, he said, “Look, we’re serious, we will kill you if you film these outgoing rockets.” So it is a threat, but when we’ve been out in the field, we’ve not had situations where they told us to stop filming.

Update: Ricks stands by his sources for the charge, but he did tell Hugh Hewitt this afternoon that he wishes he hadn’t mentioned it on Kurtz’s show. In other words, he’s sorry — sorry that you’re offended.

Update: The transcript of Hewitt’s interview with Ricks is here. Nut graf:

TR- Yeah, I wish I’d kept my mouth shut. What I said was accurate, that in an off-the-record conversation with some military analysts, a couple had said to me that they thought it was a smart strategy to leave some rocket pockets in place to help the Israelis shape public perceptions, and give their forces more freedom of maneuver in Lebanon. They weren’t saying it was a bad strategy. They thought it was pretty intelligent, if it were the case. But I’ve since heard today from some very smart, well-informed people, that while such a strategy might be logical, and even morally defensible, that they thought the Israeli public just wouldn’t stand for it, and they also expressed personal dismay to me that I had passed on the thought, which they thought was irresponsible.

I’m confused. Did they accuse Israel of having done this, or did they merely suggest it would be a good (albeit grossly immoral) idea if they did?