Photoshop, that is.

Love the intro.

Here’s the latest from the Yahoo wire, courtesy of Bob Owens. Another photographer perfectly positioned for a shot of breathtaking poignancy.


Can you guess which news agency he works for?

Update (Ian): Charles also appeared on The Matt Drudge Show last night. Dubbed “man of the hour” by Drudge, he explained how he found out about the picture and how it was doctored.

Drudge had this to say about Charles:

MATT DRUDGE, HOST: For Reuters to be doing this and not to investigate it’s other photos. Stay right there, we’re talking tonight to Charles Johnson, Little Green, he exposed a Reuters’ photograph of being a doctored photograph making it look like the Israelis were bombing all of downtown Beirut. They have since let the photographer go. This guy [Johnson] started it from his keyboard, his website, his modem, his wi-fi, whatever we are using these days. It is one guy who has brought one the major world wire services literally to its knees on this day.

Update: More Charles, this time being interviewed by Mark Levin.