Call it the Mel-Brooks-ification of the Middle East.

I wouldn’t worry, though. A German newspaper is reporting that two suitcase bombs were found this week on the country’s rail line — one of which contained a bag that came from Beirut. Botched attack or the jihadi equivalent of a fish left on the doorstep?

If Germany’s anything like Spain, chances are good their boys won’t be in Lebanon for long.

Hezbollah hasn’t tried to hit Tel Aviv yet in response to last night’s airstrikes, but Iran is hinting about it. The NY Sun says they’re “racing” to resupply Hezbollah as the IAF takes out their weapons caches, and today the mullahs admitted supplying Nasrallah with the long-range Zelzal missile that’ll strike the blow in TA if and when it comes. How can they get away with being so brazen? Easy — because the better part of the 350 million Muslims in the region follows the same calculus:

Ahmadinejad and Iran’s more violent client allies all profit greatly from the Everything is Victory element of the jihadist revolution, which tends to assess military developments according to the following criteria:

1. If I kill you, I win.
2. If you kill me, I am a martyr. I win big.
3. There are no innocents in the land of my enemy. If I kill infants, the elderly, pregnant women, even on purpose, I win.
4. When my enemy kills innocent civilians in error, even his own allies condemn him for brutality. I win.

Back in the days of the old Allah blog, I used to goof on VDH for looking at the war through rose-colored glasses. Some of his writings treat victory as a fait accompli thanks to our culture and liberal values.

Let us take a moment to note that the glasses are now most emphatically off. In fact, he sounds even more despondent than Charles Krauthammer.

I leave you on a bittersweet note: with the babes of the IDF, who redefine the term “war porn,” and the latest poll from the L.A. Times. Always do a breakdown by ideology, pollsters. It’s invariably the most interesting part.