I want to use an analogy of Sully having lobbed a rocket across the border at Hewitt and Hewitt and his allies having responded with a bombardment. But I can’t use that analogy or else Sullivan will write some whiny shinola about how I’m equating him with Hezbollah — in true “Christianist” fashion, mind you — instead of just using a convenient, comically overstated military metaphor.

So not only will I not use it, I’ll explicitly condemn it in the high-minded, above-the-fray spirit of his new favorite blogger, Rick Ellensburg. I mean, Thomas Ellers. I mean, Glenn Greenwald.

Speaking of whom, after dividing the blogosphere into “Malkin people” and “Greenwald people” just before GG’s sock-puppet psychodrama broke, Sully makes another ill-timed endorsement today by linking approvingly to Alex Jones’s YouTube video about a possible cover-up of Dick Cheney’s hunting accident.

Alex Jones. Wackjob 9/11 conspiracy theorist extraordinaire and a virtual cottage industry for the Screw Loose Change guys.

Sully didn’t know and, to his credit, has posted a follow-up acknowledging Jones’s lunacy. Nevertheless, I’m reliably informed that Dean Barnett will be addressing the matter shortly at Hewitt’s site. And I have a feeling Ace will have something to say, too.

If the video does end up being debunked, expect another follow-up from Sully blaming the debacle on Dick Cheney, the enormity of whose evil is such as to turn sane, moderate people — like Alex Jones — into ranting, mendacious lunatics.

After all, he’s done it before.

Update: Jodie Foster, Christianist.

Update: Confederate Yankee e-mails to say not only is the Alex Jones video old, but he and Dan Riehl debunked it elaborately when it first broke four months ago.

Update: Ace politely declines my invitation.

I think I’m just sitting this one out. I can’t believe I’m going to write what I’m about to write, but I guess I’ve hit my limit: Who cares what Andrew Sullivan thinks?

He’s a joke, he’s a disgrace, he’s dishonest, he’s hopelessly narcisstic, he’s emotionally promiscuous and hyperbolic, he’s a lefty, he’s the only writer I’m aware of who manages to turn every post on every topic a discusion of his favorite topic, Andrew Sullivan. Enough with him.

Update: Dean Barnett responds.

Update: Goldstein anticipates Sully’s next post:

Why doesn’t he bother to check up on this old bit of crazed conspiracy-mongering before running with it, you ask? Beats me. But if I had to guess, I’d say it’s because Andrew Sullivan cares more than you and I do about this nation. Which is why the current administration’s penchant for secrecy has forced him — HE HAS NO CHOICE, CAN’T YOU SEE?—to expect that behind every accident or misstep lies a dark conspiracy led by powerful men who can control time and space and gravity and dispersal patterns for birdshot (but who, ironically, cannot seem to keep the truth away from one Alex Jones, who of all men can pierce the grand facade).