How great? John Dean makes a cameo.

It’s pure Le Carre. Just like the Hiltzik thing was pure A.C. Doyle, just like the Greenwald thing is pure, um, Nancy Drew.

Did I actually make it through to the end of Seixon’s post? No. Neither will you. But c’mon. John Dean and Jason Leopold and threatening phone calls in the same post?

That’s good blog scandal, baby. Mmmm.

Free t-shirt for anyone who actually makes it to the end of the Seixon post while keeping all the characters straight.

Update: No, not really.

Also: The John Dean mentioned in the post? It’s not that John Dean. It’s some other numbnuts named John Dean. But Jason Leopold’s in there, as is Larry “Rove drove his mother to suicide” Johnson. Good stuff. You’ll plotz, I promise.