That’s not quite an Onion headline, but it’s got the makings.

Actually, it doesn’t sound terribly bad. Plus, his lawyers will be there with him.

What could go wrong?

Under a federal judge’s order, Padilla is being allowed to examine classified documents and videotapes detailing his statements during 3 1/2 years in Defense Department custody as an unlawful “enemy combatant.” That designation was dropped last fall when he was charged in a Miami terrorism case.

Defense lawyers in terrorism cases are regularly permitted to examine such classified material if they obtain government security clearances.

But it is unusual for an actual terror suspect to be given direct access to secrets…

U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke’s order issued July 5 allows Padilla to view 32 Defense Department documents that summarize statements Padilla made during his years in military custody. He also can examine 57 videotapes of interrogations he underwent during that same period.

So it’s mostly his own words he’ll be reviewing.


If the summary says, “In response to questioning about plutonium, suspect said, ‘Dirka dirka Mohammed jihad,'” we’re probably okay.

If it says, “In response to questioning about plutonium, which we believe suspect sought to obtain from his roommate, who is presently at large…” — less okay. Unless the government is allowed to redact that part, of course, in which case it’s okay again. Although, for all I know, redacting sensitive info to keep it out of the hands of suspected terrorists now constitutes a “dignitary” offense in violation of Article 3 of Geneva. Perhaps St. Andrew will make the case tomorrow if he’s not too busy saying prayers for the soul of Glenn Reynolds for having not yet repudiated the Malkin wing of the blogosphere.

Who knew the garden of Gethsemane had wi-fi?

Redeeming a weak post with sensationally irresponsible conspiracy theorizing: One’s Padilla, the other’s a police sketch of shadowy OKC bombing suspect “John Doe No. 2.”



Almost certainly, yeah.

As Josh Marshall would say, “I don’t want to draw rolled eyes. But think about it.”

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