Taranto will have fun with this.

He’s the John Kerry of journalism:

When he left CBS, Rather already had relinquished his anchor chair at “CBS Evening News” and was reporting for “60 Minutes”; his final year had been marked by controversy over the network’s discredited story on President Bush’s National Guard tenure.

Rather acknowledged he comes to HDNet with “baggage.”

“Yes, I have baggage — I have the baggage of being a graduate of the journalism school of South Vietnam,” he said.

As much as I hate to, let’s give credit where it’s due: that’s a textbook example of Coulter’s point about leftists using biographical detail to shield themselves from criticism.

He goes on to say how happy he is finally to be free of The Man’s shackles at CBS, having traded their huge editorial chain of command — which he was at the top of during Rathergate, let’s not forget — for the bad-ass indie DIY ethos of HDNet. He’s not reporting news anymore the way you right-wing chumps want it, with documents properly authenticated ‘n stuff. From now on, he’s doing it his way:

He also acknowledged he was “biased — I have a very strong bias toward independent journalism.”

“Some of what you describe as ‘baggage,’ ” he told one critic, “comes from people who have the following view: Their view is, ‘You report the news the way I want it reported or I’m going to make you pay a price and hang a sign around your neck saying you’re a bomb-toting Bolshevik or something.’ “

As usual, he punctuated his comments by blubbering a bit about Edward R. Murrow. Credibility!