The same Paul Hackett who once called Bush a “son of a bitch.” The same Paul Hackett who ran for Congress as a nutroots hero and narrowly lost. The same Paul Hackett whom Kos once endorsed for Senate and then abandoned a few days later — coincidentally, right after Hackett’s primary opponent, Sherrod Brown, hired Jerome Armstrong as a consultant. The same Paul Hackett who’s now defending one of the Marines accused of murder in Haditha.

Paul Hackett: interesting guy.

Haditha actually makes a cameo towards the end here when Watada’s lousy father alleges that not only was there a massacre but it was being carried out according to orders. Hackett gives him both barrels.

By the way, when do they fire Matthews and replace him with O’Donnell?

Update: I changed the headline from “peacenik” to “refusenik.” Hackett’s a peacenik himself so I thought it gave a false impression.