He loves the “entrepreneurs and dreamers and doers and people who are running things” — whether they’re here legally or not.

The stuff with the reporter starts about two-thirds of the way through in case you don’t want to sit through his platitudinal nonsense about comprehensive immigration reform. I forced myself, and I assure you that by the time he was done, the donuts weren’t the only things there that were glazed.

Still, it’s good to know the line about “jobs Americans aren’t willing to do” grates every bit as much as it ever did.

Transcript here. The lucky recipient was April Ryan of American Urban Radio.

Update: If you missed the Bush immigration remix, enjoy.

Update: The House town-hall hearings on immigration begin today in San Diego. The Democrats will be there to agitate on behalf of the “undocumented.” Says Rep. Brad Sherman:

Democrats initially considered boycotting the hearings, but will treat them as a platform to assail an enforcement-only approach to immigration reform, said Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Sherman Oaks.

“If they want to have a dog-and-pony show, that’s fine,” said Sherman, the ranking Democrat on the International Relations subcommittee on International Terrorism and Non-proliferation, which will host the San Diego hearing. “They have really ugly dogs and really mangy ponies.”

The Times says that Bush has signalled his willingness to compromise with the House by describing as “pretty intriguing” Rep. Mike Pence’s plan — a proposal so unrealistic as almost to defy belief:

One major question is whether Mr. Bush would give up on a path to citizenship for some of the estimated 11 million to 12 million people living here illegally. He has said repeatedly that it is impractical to deport those who have lived in the United States for a long time and built lives here; the Senate bill permits some longtime illegal residents to become eligible for citizenship if they learned English and paid taxes and a fine.

Many House Republicans deride such a proposal as amnesty. Mr. Pence would require illegal immigrants — even those in the United States for decades — to leave the country briefly before returning, with proper documentation, to participate in a guest worker system. Private employment agencies would set up shop overseas to process applications; after six years in a guest worker program, an immigrant could apply for citizenship.

Got that? They’re going to deport themselves, then queue up to come right back in. And this is what one of the hardliners is suggesting.

Update: It’s no accident, by the way, that Bush chose a Dunkin Donuts for the photo op.