Any minute now, possibly. They’re voting at the moment on Durbin’s amendment, which (dubiously) criminalizes flag desecration without amending the Constitution.

I’m putting the over/under on the vote at 65. And betting under.

Update: The Durbin amendment fails, 36-64. The vote on the constitutional amendment is next.

Update: 66-34. Wow. I’ll have the roll once it’s up. Barbara Boxer’s congratulating herself for voting no as I write this.

Now Congress can get back to the important stuff. Like catching pimps.

Update: The AP reports. Still waiting for the roll.

Update: And here it is.


Update: Mitch McConnell was one of three Republicans (along with Bob Bennett of Utah and Linc Chafee, of course) to vote no. He explained his position in an op-ed column yesterday.