I’d say “you’re with the groom,” but … you’re definitely not “with” the groom.

SITE has background, as does Time:

Back in his home town, Zarqa, in Jordan, a 12-foot banner was erected Thursday outside the home of Zarqawi’s brother, Sayel “Abu Omar” al-Khalayilaht. In blue letters on white, it proclaimed “the wedding of the hero martyr Abu Mousab al Zarqawi,” a reference to the belief among his supporters that his “martyrdom” in the jihad against America has set him on a wedding-like procession to paradise. Veiled women weeping near the house were admonished by al-Khalayilaht, who said “Don’t cry, but ululate, for he is a hero and a martyr.” That sentiment is unlikely to be widely echoed in Iraq, where Zarqawi is best remembered for terror attacks that killed thousands of Iraqi Muslims.

Thanks to the good folks at MEMRI for digging this up for me, by special request. There are no subtitles, unfortunately, but I’m posting it anyway because (a) it’s an historical artifact, (b) it’s sort of a blog exclusive, (c) there’s an off-chance that one of our readers who speaks Arabic will see it and e-mail in with a translation, (d) the sight of people crowded around to mourn a homicidal degenerate holds a freak-show fascination all its own.

Bonus! Preaching mass murder at a “wedding” is typical of the macabre normalcy with which Islamists contemplate atrocities. Here’s another example, also from MEMRI: a jihadi video that compares planting IEDs to scording goals in soccer.

Click the image to watch. Note how sophisticated the graphics are.


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