Not all that improbable. In fact, darned likely. Which is why the scamble this morning to arm our missile defenses is likely nothing but a bluff to get Kim to lay off. If he calls us on it by launching anyway, we’ll probably “decline” to shoot it down in the interests of diplomacy, not wanting to escalate the situation further, etc. When the truth is, we just don’t want to shoot and miss.

Incidentally, does anyone else find it awfully convenient that the North Koreans are pushing brinksmanship in their sphere right when things are coming to a head with Iran? I have no reason to believe they’re colluding (actually, I do), but if Olbermann can play fast and loose with conveeeenient coincidences, why can’t I?

Anyway. Captain Ed is more optimistic.

Update: As is Uncle Jimbo.

Update: I didn’t see Defense Tech’s update until after I posted this. Scout’s honor.

Update: R.L. Ward forwards the link to a fascinating photo thread of North Korea. Spend some time with it. You won’t be sorry.