For this year, anyway. Captain Ed delivers the eulogy.

Hastert says Sensenbrenner and some of the other committee chairmen are going to hold “field hearings” this summer to gauge public opinion on the subject. Ostensibly. Actually, they’re going to use them to put immigration front and center before the midterms in hopes of stirring disaffected Republicans.

In some ways that’s savvy: immigration is already a top priority among voters, and turning the election into a referendum on the issue will act as a bit of a hedge if things go south in Iraq (depending upon how far south they go, natch). On the other hand, judging from the latest poll, the public is receptive to the Senate approach. If the GOP craps out and the left takes back the House, then we really are looking at amnesty, with or without the “comprehensive immigration reform” euphemism.

It’s a good thing we have committed Republican leadership in office now to defend strong-form border enforcement.