Jim Treacher e-mailed me this excerpt from a TV Guide interview with Cheri Oteri, which gave us both a laugh. Out of the mouths of C-list comedians…

How was Southland Tales received?
Cheri: I don’t think it got the best reviews. The New York Times really liked it, but it was too long. Like two hours and 40 minutes.

Yeah, that’s long. Who do you play in it?
Cheri: I play Zora Carmichaels.

Sounds like one of your SNL characters.
Cheri: I know! She’s a neo-Marxist leader, which is pretty much all that’s left of the Democratic Party. She’s really tough.

Which brings us to Rasmussen. Fresh and full of life indeed. It’s all to the good: nothing will help the GOP as much as a widening public perception that the Democrats have gone radical, and purging Liebs will work wonders in that regard. He’ll win easily as an independent, so there’s no downside. Whatever short-term propaganda value will be gained by the Kossacks if Lamont takes the primary will be more than offset in November.

There’s also the remote possibility that an independent Lieberman will vote with the GOP on committee assignments, etc. He doesn’t strike me as the vindictive type but by Election Day there’ll be hard feelings galore, I’m sure.

The Commissar is tracking nutroots outrage at the prospect of an independent run. Apparently it’s not a “fair fight” if Lieberman cedes the Democratic nomination to Lamont and whips his ass in the general election instead. Screw the voters, right?

Update: Sullivan says this may be the very worst political ad ever, and er, he has himself a point. Good lord. What happened to Joementum?