Can’t be true. Would Jack Murtha lie?

Hackett and Puckett say that roughly a dozen Marines from the Humvee convoy witnessed the incoming fire after the roadside bomb killed Terrazas. They further contend that members of another Marine unit, brought in as backup after the Humvee exploded, saw or heard enemy fire. A third attorney involved with the informal Haditha defense, Kevin McDermott, also says the unit took incoming fire after the blast.

In contrast, Pennsylvania Rep. John Murtha, a former Marine and a leading Democratic spokesman on military matters, claimed in a press conference last month that his sources had told him that “there was no firefight” at Haditha. Murtha contended that the Marines “killed innocent civilians in cold blood.”

That’s going to be one hell of a cross-examination.

The military announced a few hours ago that Gen. Bargewell’s investigation is finished and his report has been sent to Lt. Gen. Chiarelli for review. It deals only with the alleged cover-up, not the actual incident, but it should give us at least an inkling of the Marines’ culpability.

As for Gen. Bargewell himself, WaPo has a profile. He’s Rambo without the partial facial paralysis.

Update: Spruiell caught Murtha on the Situation Room this afternoon telling Wolf Blitzer we should have the courage to do in Iraq what Clinton did … in Somalia. The requisite Bin Laden quote is at the link. Just go.

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