Remember when Ahmadinejad threatened to reveal details of the secret EU/U.S. nuke offer? Sure enough, two days later the Iranian papers published what they claimed were the nuts and bolts. MEMRI has a translation. Here’s the interesting part:


– Security cooperation in the region.

– Support for the establishment of a regional intergovernmental organization, to include the countries of the region and other countries interested in advancing the level of cooperation and talks on security issues in the Persian Gulf, with the aim of fulfilling the security agreements in the region and cooperating on important security issues in the region, including guarantees of political power and territorial integrity [for Iran].

– Elimination of WMDs in the Middle East.

– Support for maintaining a region free of WMDs and from middlemen who transfer this kind of weapon to the Middle East.

Italics mine. Arab regimes have aspired to eliminate WMDs from “the Middle East” for years, of course. It’s their way of demanding that Israel give up its nukes while sounding even-handed. (Syria supports Iran’s nuclear ambitions even though Assad knows full well it’s a weapons program, and Saudi Arabia reportedly is working on nukes of its own.) The State Department has, I believe, paid lip service to the idea of a nuke-free “Middle East” in the past, but so far as I know, we’ve never committed to it in the context of a formal agreement. So what gives? What if Iran takes the deal but only on the condition that the western powers live up to their promise and make the region truly WMD-free?

Ah, but Iran won’t take the deal, will it? It’s fun to play “what if,” though.

Newsweek has an interesting piece about the negotiations with Iran that suggests it’s not just Israel that’s at risk of being sold out. And WaPo reports that China isn’t the only Asian power with something to say about sanctions in the event of Iranian noncompliance.

I leave you with this, from Fox News. Birds of a feather, except for the Jew-hatred, terrorism, misogyny, etc. etc.

Thanks to Sugiero for the MEMRI link.

Update: Here’s new video from Fox News of John Moody relaying an offer — completely credulously — from one of Khamenei’s aides about Iran “helping” the U.S. in Iraq if we play ball with them on the nuke issue. Repulsive.