No “comprehensive immigration reform” doublespeak for them. When the Brits do amnesty, at least they call it what it is.

Sound familiar?

In the past, ministers feared that an amnesty would act as a magnet for more illegal migration and a spur to international people traffickers…

“It will not solve the problem; it will make it worse. It is an active incentive for people to come here illegally.” David Davis, the shadow home secretary, said: “With our borders so badly protected, even speculating about an amnesty is highly irresponsible. An amnesty could lead to a massive, uncontrolled increase in the numbers coming here.”

Sir Andrew Green, the chairman of Migrationwatch UK said: “This is thoroughly irresponsible. It is not a change of thinking; it is an absence of thinking.”

Back home, the National Guard deployment is paying dividends.

Update: Or is it? Goldstein quotes Mark Krikorian as saying it’s making things worse.

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