Her influence isn’t wholly bad, you know.

The maddening thing about Coulter is that when she’s not talking smack, she’s a trenchant commentator. Watch the video below and you’ll see it in microcosm: the first third is her dissembling over what she actually said about the Jersey Girls; the next third is a spot-on critique of the left’s politics of victimization, particularly as it applies to dear sainted Mother Sheehan; and the last third is her tossing rhetorical molotov cocktails about liberals being anti-god.

Me, I’m just glad the left doesn’t stoop to legitimizing fringe characters with a knack for expressing themselves.

But then, Moore isn’t really a fringe character anymore, is he?

Update: Here’s Coulter on Hannity & Colmes tonight “debating” New Jersey state assemblyman Michael Panter. She calls him a “brownshirt” and accuses him repeatedly of wanting to burn her book; meanwhile, he refuses to criticize Cindy Sheehan for calling Bush every name in the Kos playbook. A match made in heaven.

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