Our negotiations with Iran, he means. Not Iraq.

Drudge leads today with the AP’s article on Iran restarting enrichment. Skip it. It leaves out half the story. Iranmania has the full rundown, including a laundry list of examples of Iranian noncompliance plus the fact that the latest IAEA report detected new traces of highly-enriched uranium (the kind you need for nuclear weapons, not nuclear energy) on Iran’s equipment. The author says the HEU might have already been on the equipment when Iran purchased it. So the question you have to ask yourself vis-a-vis not assuming the worst is, do you feel lucky?

Well, do you? Punks?

Note that they restarted enrichment on the very day we made our concessions to negotiation. In hindsight, Bush’s gambit nuclear equipment looks shrewd, albeit very risky: if you’re sure Iran won’t take the deal, if you’re sure they’re so invested in defying the west that they’ll reject anything you put on the table (instead of accepting it, appearing conciliatory, and continuing their bomb-making project in secret), then why not offer the moon and the stars? Their recalcitrance makes us look that much more reasonable by comparison, a fact we can exploit diplomatically later when things finally come to a head.

But read Iranmania. They’ll catch you up.