The mole returns promising never to wash his hands again after receiving a put-‘er-there-pal last night from Joe Wilson. Plus: Kos quotes Trotsky, Tom Tomorrow bores his audience, and Dan Froomkin of the Washington Post says the press is conservative — but only because it’s so liberal!


The reception, cont’d

More at the little mixer last night: They had entertainment. They had a goofy short film called “Mission Impossible Man,” which was kind of funny, and a stand up comedian, and they had an un-dramatic reading cartoonist Tom Tomorrow.

I can’t figure out why Tomorrow was such a hit. I started taking video of it and then I realized, hey, this guy is just reading the dialogue from his cartoons, and paint drying would be more exciting. Even if you think someone is a great cartoonist, that doesn’t mean you would enjoy watching the cartoonist show Power Points of his comic strips, and read all the dialogue. I guess it was a little helpful because so many of his panels used exactly the same image, one after another, with only the dialogue balloons changing. Edgy? Or just lazy? Is this what liberals do for fun?

Tomorrow didn’t even alter his voice for the different characters—it might have been cute if he’d lapsed into John Wayne for Dick Cheney, “Harry Whittington, fill your hand you son of a b—h”! But no, no, no … Tomorrow read every line in a plonking, flat-affect monotone, and Tomorrow crept forth at this petty pace till the last syllable of recorded time.


Kos’s keynote

Kos’ keynote was an MSM-friendly snoozer. But what did he have to say about the big story of yesterday, the eradication of Zarqawi?

Don’t get too happy, people, and eat your vegetables.

Click to listen.

That clip is about a minute and a half because it goes on and illustrates the clash I observed yesterday between the nutroots and the liberal/mainstream Democratic establishment. Kos claims the Democratic party has failed because they can’t get elected, so therefore it’s “our turn”. The establishment have the power and the access, and the nutroots want it, and “If they [the Democratic party] refuse to be accountable … they’ll be relegated to the dustbin of history.”

Did he mean to quote Trotsky, or can he help himself?

The Plame panel

Wow, Byron York just got name-checked eight ways to Sunday at the Plamegate panel. Everyone was pointing at him and even asking him to stand up. One guy—Murray Waas from the American Prospect–asked whether National Review wanted to hire him (I assume he was jokingly referring to himself, but he might have meant York) as their full-time Plamegate guy. (Because NR’s audience cares about every last detail of this scandal soooooo much…)

Joe Wilson mentioned how many great people he’s shaken hands with at this convention, and then mentioned York. “I haven’t shaken his hand yet…” (Well, I shook Wilson’s hand last night, at the fancy Wes Clark “Wespac” shindig up in the Hard Rock hotel. Clark told us to go raise money for liberal candidates. The TVs all around the Joint lounge balcony were cycling through endless pictures of Wes!, looking thoughtful, jutting his chin out, etc. Oh, I think he’s running, all right. I think he’s angling for a VP role on the Hillary ticket—and if he can deliver this hostile far-left crowd into her clutches, he’d make a good choice.)

Wilson is showing a typical lack of focus. He thinks that this is all about him and that the entire Iraq debate hinged on his little trip to Niger’s uranium mine. If it did, of course, then the Senate bipartisan report has already shown that his research made it more likely Saddam was looking for yellowcake.

WaPo guy Dan Froomkin credits Murray Waas’s research with leaving Judy Miller a “discredited shill”. All these guys on this panel are anti-“Mainstream Media”; even Froomkin referred to the “MSM” and explained how since he worked online he was almost one of you [Kossacks]. Interesting: he says the White House Press Corps isn’t conservative. There’s something to be said to the critique that the press is liberal and is bending over backwards from being perceived as liberal. But he added that maybe now after Plamegate they’ll fear the left-wing blogosphere as well.

There’s a definite Mainstream Media/Alternative Media tension here and I think that’s what all these people are really debating about in this panel, since they all agree they basically disagree only on whether Cheney and Rove should be filleted or poached in their own broth. The panel should have been called “Debate about the Coverage of Plamegate; or, Aren’t Left-Wing Bloggers Important, and isn’t Judith Miller a Corrupt, Phony Skank?”

Former CIA dude Larry Johnson declared that “I’m a lifelong conservative!” and he’s puzzled by watching conservatives defend this inexcusable administration. Ha ha ha, the right thinks Valerie Plame concocted the whole trip to Niger for her husband. “I wish we were making this crap up”. Yeah, sadly for Larry, Saint Patrick Fitzgerald believes that too, since it appears in his indictment of Scooter Libby. Whatever, this was “Nothing short of treason!” and you’ve “lost your heart and soul” if you don’t agree with Big Lar.

In answer to a question, Murray Waas pointed out that Jason Leopold—you know, the guy who was claiming a couple of weeks ago that Rove’s indictment was happening NOW! IMMINENT! NOW! ONE BUSINESS DAY! ANDELE! ANDELE! ARRIBA ARRIBA!—has “gotten spun, badly”. Waas and lawyer Christy Hardin Smith stood out as the people who I would actually listen to if I wanted to hear what liberals were saying about all this, and if I cared that much about Joe Wilson’s Holy Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Perpetual Indignation.

Zzz…I took a bullet for you guys on this one. If self-righteousness were an alternative source of energy, gas would be twelve cents per gallon.


Barbara Boxer

“We are facing a White House that is dangerously incompetent.” Somehow I think that she will get a few amens from Hot Air’s gallery for that one…

Audience Question: Why no impeachment? Answer: We do not control the House, so it’s impossible. Conyers has said there ought to be an inquiry, and she signed a censure petition, so censure and “move on” … (dot org?). Do you think that’s what the average American wants their life to be? Dubya’s going away in a couple of years. So, in essence, chill.

Coffee … must have coffee … must haveasklfdajp54iuork,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Update: Expose the Left has video of Boxer’s speech.


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