“Moral victory” number nineteen. In a few months the freshmaker will make it twenty. But they tried really hard and it was within five points and the GOP spent some money and it’s a conservative district and the incumbent was a Republican rancid with scandal, etc etc.

Seriously, what would Duke Cunningham have had to do, exactly, to make a Democrat sound appealing? Bang a horse? He had his own bribe menu and, allegedly, was sexing hookers supplied to him in exchange for political favors — at the Watergate Hotel. Meanwhile, Bush’s and Congress’s approval ratings combined barely crack 50%. If I were the nutroots, I wouldn’t pat myself on the back too hard. But the fact is, they were making excuses before the voting even started.

To no one’s surprise, it’s a slow news day at the Today Show. They don’t even get to crow about Roy Moore winning the Republican primary in Alabama: the southern extremist wingnut Christianist Jesus-freak theocrats decided to stray from the narrative by choosing Governor Bob Riley over Moore … by a 28 percent margin.

Moran’s underwhelmed by the nutroots’ moral victory, too. I’ve linked to pretty much everything he’s written over the past month, so there’s no sense stopping now.