I wish I could give you the whole thing but copyright is a stern mistress. Fortunately, Ian operates above the law so he’ll probably have the whole segment later.

Here are two snippets. The first has to do with Bush’s approval ratings vis-a-vis Iraq and tells you everything you need to know about Matt Lauer’s grasp of the situation. The second has to do with the anti-war 9/11 widows, whom, Coulter says, are being used as political pawns as part of the left’s “doctrine of infallibility.” Enjoy.

Update: Rick Moran, Coulter fan: “a shallow, bitter, bitch of a woman whose hate filled mouthings will eventually lead to her destruction.”

Update: James Joyner isn’t a fan either:

Coulter is a great talent but her schtick has gotten old and she seems to think she has to continue to say outrageous things to get attention. Someone with her skills doesn’t need to resort to such tactics but, alas, they are quite lucrative in the opinion game. One can look down the list of the most highly trafficked political blogs and find few non-inflammatory sites among them.

Update: Captain Ed says he’s heard this shtick about terror widows before. Why is it okay coming from Coulter but not from Ted Rall?