I like to imagine they were thinking, “Why do they hate us?”


Don’t forget. BC and Moran didn’t.

Update: The American Thinker:

Nobody will long remember the satanic jokes of today, but freedom-loving people will always remember June 6, 1945

Maybe. But on balance, I think June 6, 1944 was more important.

Update: Babalu Blog reprints the communique from Christianist lunatic Dwight Eisenhower invoking “Almighty God” while Confederate Yankee reprints a most intemperate set of remarks indeed from Gen. G.S. Patton. What would Andrew Sullivan say?

Update: I just got an e-mail from a retired Army Major who thinks his father might have been on the Higgins boat photographed above:

My father believes that this picture is from the landing craft he was on. He was assigned to 3rd Platoon, C Company, 16th Infantry Regt, 1st Infantry Division which landed at Easy Red, Omaha Beach. He maybe the soldier at the upper right side of the picture or the one just to the left of that one and slightly behind. He remembers seeing the knockout tank that is in the center of the picture

I have confirmed by a visit to the National Archives that this picture was taken from a landing craft that cam from the USS Samuel Chase a Coast Guard ship.

Update: John Noonan at Op-For remembers the Rangers’ finest hour.