I was going to write a post about the Palestinian referendum and how ironic it’d be if direct democracy proves to be the match that finally sets this fascist tinderbox off, but Captain Ed‘s already written it so go read him. Tony Karon‘s analysis in Time is also solid if you don’t mind the occasional idiocy about taking Hamas’s truces seriously.

What I want to do here is dump a few crazy-ass links on you. How crazy? How about Jesus being buried in Japan? Crazy enough for you? No? How about turning yourself into Rain Man by sticking giant magnets on your head? How about the Washington Post re-opening comments to left-wing trolls who’ve already treated the paper’s blogs as their latrine once before? And speaking of latrines, how long can you hold it? Is that B+ worth an exploded bladder?

Are you fat and ugly because your parents were hardasses? Has Al Gore really been taking lessons on conservation from Pearl Jam? Will New York be buried underwater next year? Will Islamic video game manufacturers seek to capitalize with a game that lets you steer a submarine into the Empire State Building? Can you really call it “Torture Awareness Month” if the only torture you’re aware of is of the American variety? What if Michael Moore makes one of his “docu-gandas” about it?

My friends, will you tell me what happened to romance?

I’ll tell you what happened: everyone’s too busy surfing YouTube. Which brings me to the link which, if there’s any justice, will get me fired. Call it “Cool facts about George Washington.” It’s riotously hilarious, but it’s also so off-color that I’m going to have to raise the threat alert right now to code red and issue a strong content warning for what follows. Click at your own risk.

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